BBC Game - Oversized Fun

Up or down sir? Everyone these days is speculating on the future of magic internet coins and most get stopped out or liquidated.
Aren't you tired of losing money, anon? Introducing "Bull Bear Crab Game", where you don't need to risk your capital to win

How does it work?

BBC Game is a player vs player betting game where holders can bet on the future price of a coin/token by staking the game native token (BBC) in one of the three pools: Bull, Bear and Crab. At the end of the game, the prize is shared among the stakers of the winning pool depending on their stake/size of the pool ratio.

The available pools are Bull, Bear and Crab. Every time a bet is opened, a crabPercentage variable is set, which defines the percentage variation of price below which the Crab pool wins. If the price increases more than the crabPercentage the Bull pool wins, if it decreases more than the crabPercentage the Bear pool wins.

A game goes as follows:
  1. Community votes on which coin to bet next
  2. A bet is open, with its own prize and duration
  3. You can place your bet (stake) until the start time, while staking is closed between the start time and the end time, where you just watch and pray
  4. When the end time comes, the prize is sent by the staking contract to the winning pool, you can now unstake and collect your prize

Contracts Addresses



Staking Contract CA


Team Bull CA


Team Bear CA


Team Crab CA